Aezay Utilities
Collection of Small Tools
Download RAR 15.02.15

Aezay Utilities

A collection of my small tools, created and improved upon over the years, compiled into one package. They may each prove useful, or not, from time to time. Starting the program without any parameters will show the "Tool Browser", from where you can open any of the available tools.

List of Utilities

00 Calculator 01 Unit Converter 02 Number Converter 03 Number Information 04 Uninstall Lister 05 Clipboard Viewer 06 Service Explorer 07 Date Calculator 08 Stop Watch 09 Time Synchroniser 10 Drive Lister 11 SMART Reader 12 Drive Subst 13 Trace Route 14 Pinger 15 Whois Query 16 Network Port List

Global Shortcuts

Alt + Q Quit Ctrl + W Quit F1 About Box Ctrl + F1 Changelog F11 Config Editor F12 Opens the Browser Ctrl + F12 Opens a new instance of the current app Alt + Enter Toggles window being maximized